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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Say Cheeeeeeeese!

Big Squeezzzzeee!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Pictures Yay!!!
They both look sooo much like Joe :)
Buried Alive! AHHHHHHHH Help US!!!!!!!!!!!!

First time at the beach..... won't be the last!!!!!

We Loved the Beach! We had such a Great time playn' in the waves and sand! :)
Lego Land!
Lego Donkey??
Lego Pirates?

Lego Einstein???Lego man?
Lego car?
Kids at the castle :) The sun was kind of bright that day can you tell??
This is the car Austin bought with the money he saved! He used Missy's potato head stuff to make it a pirate car! It was the coolest car in town that is for sure! :)
Chip n Dale are are funny guys.

I don't think Missy liked this ride too much. She looks scared! :/

Austin joined to tiny green men army he was so cute! Oh but ya cant see him in this pic he is over there ------------------->
Is that Buzz? I think it is indeed!

Disney Land Was Awesome!
We are so glad we had the chance to share this experience with our family. (thanks Cara and Brian ;) )
We got to touch jelly fish! It was the coolest!
Say Cheese!

Austin is touchin that for real no joke!
Sea cucumbers are squishy!!!



Can I touch it? Please oh please??

Let's see whats new around the Spaulding house?? Uh... fAMILY VACATION ! We spent a few days  in southern California and it was wonderful! We went from Disney Land to Lego Land and the aquarium of the pacific. All in all it was an amazing experience! Look at my pics and see for yourself :).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Missy is so very excited to have glasses! Its funny because st first she was worried that she looked silly but then I reminded her that I wear glasses and now she loves them. She wants to have all different pairs like I do! We just got her first new pair yesterday and they are so cute! The red round ones where the first pair and the purple ones are the newest.